Do this. Do that. Ideas and concepts can be overwhelming. Figuring out your ministry philosophy helps determine why and how you do things. 



Sermon series graphic packs, social media packs plus options to have personalized graphics.



Ministry training on site for the maximum impact to equip your team to reach your community.



Personal coaching for Pastors and staff that's affordable.

This brings personal encouragement and the advancement of the mission of God.



Many times with many trainings and systems they are good but how do you exactly impliment things? We will help you take BIG steps in practical ways.


Personal training videos targeted for you and your Church. This is very valuable in taking steps in your personal and spiritual life. When the pastor gets better it is beneficial to everyone!

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Unlimited access to documents used for Church systems, sermon series graphics along with proven evangelism stratigies. 

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Zac Minton

Every number has a name. 

Every name has a story. 

Every story matters.

Zac had overcome a lifetime of difficulties before committing his life to Christ. A career as an electrician allowed Zac to begin preaching and attend Liberty University and Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary. After leading Churches in Northeast Arkansas for 8 years, Zac was asked about coming on a vision trip to the Northwest to see how he could partner in planting Churches. It was supposed to be “just” a vision tour to the Northwest to explore ways to support church planting from his home church in Arkansas.

When He returned home from that trip God started breaking his heart for the lostness in the Northwest. This marked another turning point in his life. Zac was an electrician at Arkansas State University and a pastor. Through a lot of prayer, Zac and Nichole Minton decided to quit their jobs, sell their house and move to the Northwest to start Churches. Since being in Spokane, they have seen over 100 people baptized in their Church Planting endeavors and many more baptized since being in ministry in 2005. He has helped revitalize and start many Churches all across the United States and 2 around the world. It's Zac's desire to train people to do far greater things than him. 

Monthly cost as low as $75 a month.
Space is limited.


6006 E 8th Ave, Spokane Valley, Wa 99212

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